East Park Lane to be used for Pump Station construction staging

The King County Pump Station at the corner of Park Lane and Third Street in downtown Kirkland will be under construction for the next two years. Staging for the project begins on Friday, August 26 on the east end of Park Lane. After construction is completed, the east 300 feet of Park Lane will be transformed with no curb and gutter and new trees as per plans previously discussed with the community.

For more information, please download: www.ci.kirkland.wa.us/Assets/City+Council/Council+Packets/031610/8e1_AwardofBids.pdf

Below please find a letter from Ray Steiger, Public Works Director for the City of Kirkland explaining the background of the project and how it will affect parking in the area.

As we approach the notice to proceed for the new King County pump station at the corner of Park Lane and Third Street, it is time to return Park Lane to the staging configuration we had thought would be in place all of this summer.  I have attached a copy of the layout of fencing that will be re-installed by Kirkland staff today.  Likely there will be a number of inquiries, so I thought I would let you know the background.


Recall that as we entered this period of intensive construction along Third Street (the new signal, the library, the transit center, and the pump station), there was a concerted effort to minimize impact to the surrounding traffic and property owners.  In order to keep the construction costs as low as possible, the use of Park Lane for contractor staging was offered up by the City.  During the construction of the Transit Center, the contractor’s trailers and much of their equipment utilized Park Lane between Main and Third.  It entailed the loss of 15 free parking stalls along Park Lane – the Antique Mall was subsequently leased and made available for parking.  Originally, construction of the pump station was to fall right on the heels of the new transit center, and the County’s contractor would have moved into the Park Lane staging area and work continued.  When design of the pump station was delayed, it became clear that there would not be the seamless transition and thus Park Lane would have sat empty this summer.


After urgings by the Chamber and the Parking Advisory board, the staging fencing along Park Lane was reconfigured to provide for some limited parking along the east end of Park Lane; those stalls helped during the busy summer months.  Now that the contractor is ready to move onto the site and begin operations on the pump station, returning Park Lane to a staging area needs to be completed.  On Friday August 26, the reconfiguration will take place.  Park Lane will remain closed for approximately two years for construction of the pump station and reconstruction of Park Lane’s east end (approximately from Third Street 300’ to the west).


Thank you in advance,


Ray Steiger, P.E.