KDOG calls for old fashioned “barn raising” for new park in September and October.

Kirkland Off Leash Dog Group (KDOG) and the City of Kirkland have set an ambitious schedule to get the new dog park in the Totem Lake area open before the end of the year.  Realizing that the window of opportunity provided by our Northwest weather will be closing in November if not sooner, KDOG is putting out a call for volunteers particularly those with construction experience for help in completing the first phase of the1.24 acre dog park.

“When it’s completed, this park will be a great amenity for all Kirkland families with dogs,” said Jean Guth, President of KDOG,”If we can get help putting up the fencing around the park perimeter and small dog area, and get the park entry way completed, we can then lay down the groundcover layer and we are pretty much done with Phase One.  We have wonderfully talented and dedicated volunteers however, many are not skilled specifically in construction.  Without the additional help of volunteers with construction experience, there is concern that the opening of the park might be delayed until the weather permits more work on the site in the early spring.”


The schedule for work parties at the park site is as follows:

September 17th Saturday 9AM to 12 PM

September  24 Saturday 1PM to 4PM

October 8th Saturday  9AM to 12 PM

October 15th Saturday 1PM to 4PM

October 22nd    Saturday 1PM to 4PM

Parking is on the street.

Participants in the work parties should dress for the weather, bring heavy loppers, a shovel, wear boot and work gloves.  At initial Work parties, volunteers will be clearing blackberries, and blackberry roots. Later work parties will also be using wheelbarrows and shovels for laying down cedar “hog fuel” ground cover.  Work parties will continue under most weather conditions, including rain in the hope of fall opening of the dog park.


Additional work parties will be scheduled as the needs become clear.

The site is bounded by a public path.  All visitors are asked to use street parking and walk via the path to view the site.

Approval of the site for the dog park was secured in November 2010, but due to the City’s budget constraints, the park must be built through donations and gifts-in-kind.  In partnership with the City, KDOG is the fundraising arm for park construction and maintenance.  Over the summer KDOG raised much of the funding needed for Phase One of the dog park and will be blitzing the site with work parties to get the new park open before the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Two-year Business Sponsorships of the park are available as well as three-year sponsorships of specific areas in the park such as the small dog area and the entry area.   See our website www.kdog.org for sponsorship details.


There is clearly a great demand in Kirkland for a local place to socialize with our dogs legally off leash.  Kirkland dog owners have waited over 10 years for a dog park to open in the city.  With the new park site designated for the North Juanita - Totem Lake Area, it will also be a welcome asset to the local businesses in the area.  KDOG welcomes the help of all individuals and businesses in building a great new amenity for Kirkland.  To receive regular updates, join KDOG’s group on www.meetup.com (search under “Kirkland Dog”.)  For more general information about KDOG and to donate to the project, go to www.kdog.org.