SR 520 bridge to close Aug. 26-29

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When is the next SR 520 bridge and highway closure? Aug. 26-29

What time will crews close the highway? All ramps and mainline SR 520 between Montlake Boulevard and I-405 will close at 11 p.m. Friday, Aug. 26. All ramps and the mainline will reopen by 5 a.m. the following Monday morning.

Where is the closure? Both directions of the SR 520 floating bridge and highway and all ramps between Montlake Boulevard and I-405 will be closed. SR 520 will remain open between Montlake Boulevard and I-5. In Bellevue, the 108th Avenue Northeast on-ramp to eastbound SR 520 will remain open and in Seattle, the Montlake Boulevard ramps to and from SR 520 will remain open.

What are crews working on during the closures? During the closure, crews will construct a fish-passage culvert east of 84th Avenue Northeast and complete time-sensitive construction activities between Medina and I-405.

What are the benefits of the work that will happen during the closures?

  • We are making the most of each closure by combining other time-sensitive work including installing barrier and striping, and repairing potholes and glare screen.

Why do crews need to completely close the highway? We will maintain access to the highway during peak weekday hours. Closing the highway during the weekend to complete some work activities will have the least impact to the traveling public.

  • Crews must close the highway to dig a deep trench across all lanes of traffic on SR 520 to install fish- passage culverts.

What can drivers do? Approximately 166,000 vehicles travel across the SR 520 floating bridge on a summer weekend. We need drivers' help to prevent regional gridlock. We suggest drivers:

  • Delay discretionary trips, especially during high traffic periods in the late morning through the early evening, especially between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.
  • Drivers should expect increased congestion on local streets, especially on 108th Avenue Northeast, 112th Avenue Northeast, Northup Way and Bellevue Way Northeast.
  • Know Before You Go: check the WSDOT website, call 511 for real-time travel information and plan for delays and added travel time.
  • Take alternate routes such as I-405, I-5 and I-90.
  • Carpool and use transit.