Public Service Announcement: How to use a trash can

As a public service, Kudos Kirkland would like to present the following instructional message:

Downtown Kirkland has scores of shiny, new, solar-powered, BigBelly trash and recycling containers which hold five times the capacity of traditional trash cans and save money in the process. The problem is, some people don't know how to use them.

We understand the confusion. The new trash cans have doors on them which need to be opened prior to use. Also note that emptying trash in the new cans is now a two-hand job.

The few remaining traditional trash cans in downtown are scheduled to be removed shortly. In the meantime, let's prevent the mess shown in the photo above from happening again by taking the following refresher course:

How To Use A Trash Can

Step 1  Open the trash can door

Step 2  Insert trash into the trash can

Step 3  Close the trash can door

Congratulations! You are now a model citizen.


In case you need more guidance, please memorize the following flowchart: