Seattle Weekly names Kirkland "Best Suburb"

The Seattle Weekly has listed Kirkland as "The Best Suburb to live in - 2011." The Westside newspaper describes our hamlet by the lake in rather glowing terms... and naturally, we tend to agree:

Located on the shores of Lake Washington, Kirkland boasts a vibrant downtown waterfront with several art galleries, boutiques, and restaurants. Come summer, it attracts droves of people eager to play beach volleyball, walk their dogs, and hit happy hour. In the winter, it takes a cozier turn: Those same people tuck into coffee shops instead of bars and business owners bring out the Christmas wreaths and lights. No matter what season it is, Kirkland looks and feels like a charming resort town, but its distance from Seattle allows its residents (who often retire here as well) to escape the pains of tourism and enjoy their perks in peace.

Seattle Weekly

Thank you to Bob Yoder for the heads up.