Wednesday Market in Full Swing Downtown with Fresh Local Foods and Flowers

Sunshine and warmer days have brought out enthusiastic shoppers at the Wednesday Farmer’s Market in its new location on Park Lane in the heart of downtown Kirkland. 
The fruit growers finally have been able to harvest their crops, and big smiles are now seen all around. Walkers are seen happily popping strawberries or raspberries in their mouths, too impatient to wait until they get home with their purchases.
“Sprouts Story Time” has been a big success, captivating the kids and parents alike.  Two preschool teachers provide this treat every other week at 2:30 pm in the center of the Market.  The next story time will be on August 10.
The Max Mobile for pet adoptions will be at the market the first Wednesday of each month till the end of the season.  Aug. 3 and Sept. 7 are the two remaining dates to add some four-footed love and fun to your family.
Many Market enthusiasts have asked about the change in location.  Although we all loved being closer to the water, the wind was often a problem, blowing down tents and occasionally injuring people.
This year’s market prominently features fresh farm produce, flowers, honey, meats, and fish.  The aroma of kettle corn wafts through the area, enticing everyone to enjoy this favorite snack food, along with bagels and tasty baked goods.
Musicians have provided impromptu entertainment, and people-watching is always a delightful pastime. 
There’s even a booth where credit and debit cards, as well as EBT cards, can be used to purchase wooden tokens that spend like cash at all vendors.  The Market continues through September 28.