Martin Morgan just wants accountability | LETTER

Dear Editor,

Imagine, buying your first home in Kirkland after serving your country in the US NAVY for 41/2 years, and having your new neighbor tell you, “You must buy a new easement from them in order to get to your driveway.” Thank goodness the U.S. Government made him purchase easement insurance.

Imagine, coming home and finding a clear cut lot next to yours where all of the codes for building and tree removal in Kirkland had not been followed

Imagine, wanting to help with this new building project and trying to be a good neighbor and agreeing that the builder could put part of the double tree buffer on your property and then the city not enforcing the instillation of that buffer.

Imagine a 3 story office building with no buffer next to your house with all the lights on 24/7

Imagine, the building owner now complaining about your car collection and the city choosing to find him in violation instead of insisting the buffer be installed

Imagine the city part time city code enforcement person Craig Salzmam, sneaking around your property claiming you’re in violation of city codes but refusing to come out and explain himself.

Imagine having the State patrol out looking at your car collection and saying these cars all had value and none fit the code of being “junk cars”

Imagine, Nancy Cox head of the code enforcement directing Craig Salzman to post his property after they were informed by his attorney that he was out of the area on vacation, then fining him, $300.00 per day for you car collection.

Imagine, never being notified, being fined by the city close to $460,000.00 for your car collection, then forcing him to agree to a $20,000.00 fine payable in 10 years with no interest for you car collection, then buying three of your cars for a $1,000.00 each after they had called junk.

Imagine asking the city for arbitration over these issues and the city telling you that Marilyn Beard, Assistant city manager was the arbitrator.

Imagine, the city taking him to court close to a dozen times and he never lost a single time.

Imagine Craig Salzman turning your $300.00 per day fine over to a collection company without approval from the city attorney. Then posting a $27,000.00 lien on his and his wife’s credit report, due monthly, causing his credit score to drop more than 200 points.

Imagine the part time code enforcement person Craig Salzman giving his crazy neighbor a camera so they could take pictures of him working on his property.

Imagine while fixing his broken water line, the police being called by his crazy neighbor and the policeman telling him that the letter he had from assistant City Attorney Oscar Rey allowing him to fix his water line does not work for the city and the letter he wrote is a fake, So he tells the police officer he was going to get his cell phone so he could call his attorney, he gets TASED in the back on his front porch by that same policeman. All the while his wife hears the officer say “oh no, now what should we do?”

Imagine having a $6,000.00 water bill, speaking to most city council members, Oscar Rey assistant city attorney, the head of the water department and the ombudsman about how to get this leak fixed without being TASED in the back again and having them not address the issue.

Imagine his neighbor telling him “he was going to bury you in the hole you dug” to fix your waterline then calling the police. Who show up and tell him that he cannot fix his broken water line.

Imagine having the police come to your door trying to get you to come outside so they could arrest you, then finding out that they wrote in their report that he was not home.

Imagine after signing up to run for city council, Larry Springer (D) calling him within hours and tells him to drop out because Joan McBride’s was to run unopposed and her campaign donations were planned to go to Penny Sweet, who happens to be his wife.

Imagine while running for a council seat the city gave the Kirkland Reporter pictures of someone else’s home and telling them it was his. So they could do a hit piece on you.

Imagine him asking the city for copies of that same file they hold on you and them telling you it will cost $1500.00 @ .10c per page.

Imagine having Mayor Joan McBride tell him she wanted to be invited to the party when the city forgives his $20,000.00 debt, then never returning any of his calls.

Imagine speaking to Amy Walen, Bob Sternoff and Penny Sweet. Having all of them tell you they cannot help because their job is to set policy only not run the city.

Imagine on Cinco de Mayo, a policeman lurking around your sons home (next door to his) for more than an hour trying to catch them doing something wrong, and then arresting his son on some trumped up charges after he learns that his last name was Morgan.

Imagine his 19 year old son being tried with a jury for these charges and the jury acquitting him on all charges because they did not believe the officer.

Imagine building a 120 square foot shed (no permit required) and having the building department red tag your project and taking you to court again and the city loosing again.

Imagine having to get a restraining order against your crazy neighbor, having him try and grab a fence post out of your wife’s hands on (6/12/11), calling the police and when they show up he shows the police officer his court protection order stating that his neighbor MUST stay off his property and having the officer do nothing but walk off.

All of these things have happened to Martin Morgan and his family. I know he wants to make sure this kind of thing never happens to you or your family.

He is running for city council so he can fix the city that he and his family love.

Bill Henkens