Could Juanita Beach Open August 6th?

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Q: When will Juanita Beach Park reopen?

A: We get asked this question more than any other - at least once a week. Positive news comes our way compliments of Eric O'Brien, a reader of Kirkland Views. It appears that significant progress has been made to the park and that the City will soon announce an opening date for the beach -- possibly as soon as August 6th. Eric has shared the following correspondence with the Parks Department.

Dear Editor:

I was impressed that Jenny [Schroder] took the time to give me a detailed update on the project. Equally impressed with the progress Marshbank has made in the park over the past few weeks.

Eric O'Brien

Hi Jennifer,

Is there a project plan for the completion of the Juanita Beach Park renovation project? All I've heard is "As soon as possible" or "Hopefully before the end of summer". Is there at least an estimated date the public can use the park again?

Thank You, Eric O'Brien

Hi Eric, as promised I have another update for you,

Major activity this last week has been restoring the beach area. Up to six workers each day since Monday have cleaned, grubbed/weeded, and re-graded the sandy beach (which in length is equivalent to two and a half football fields). A significant undertaking considering that the beachfront has been left essentially unattended for the past 14 months. Most of this task is now complete – the beach looks great - and the workers will now turn their efforts towards preparing the site for planting, seeding, and installation of sod.

Landscaping, electrical, paving/curbing/striping, carpentry, and concrete subcontractors have all been secured for the project and will now begin to mobilize. We will be seeing some of them on site next week, with a particular emphasis on soil prep in lawn and landscape beds. Several hundred cubic yards of topsoil and organic mulch will be heading our way.

Monday the contractor will confirm a date for the beach opening, It may be as early as August 6th. We will have a press release once a date is confirmed.

Have a good weekend, - jenny

Jennifer Schroder, CPRP
Parks and Community Services Director