Seven Kirkland Schools To Get Walk Route Enhancements


Project Overview: The City of Kirkland received a State grant to construct walk route enhancements at seven locations near Lake Washington School District Elementary Schools. Pellco Construction Inc. has been awarded the construction contract and is scheduled to begin construction mid June, 2011 and continue throughout the summer.  For more information about the Project go to the web site.

The Project will construct sidewalk, curb and gutter and make storm drainage improvements at the following seven project locations.  Below is a tentative schedule. Many factors, including weather could influence the schedule and actual days work is being done.  Final cleanup and landscaping of all locations is likely to take place during the fall planting season.

Mid June to early August:

Juanita: West side of 97th Place NE; from NE 128th Street to NE 129th Place.

AG Bell: East side of 110th Avenue NE; from NE 116th Street leading into the back entrance.

Peter Kirk: West side of 6th Street; between 13th Avenue and 15th Avenue.


Mid July to Mid August:

Rose Hill: South side of NE 80th Street; from 130th Avenue NE to 128th Avenue NE.


Early August to End of August:

Mark Twain: West side of 130th Ave NE; from NE 95th Street to the school entrance.

Lakeview: East side of 103rd Avenue NE; gaps between NE 64th Street and NE 67th Street.


Mid August to Early September:

Ben Franklin:  East side of 125th Avenue NE just south of NE 70th and north of NE 65th Lane to north of NE 65th Place.  New crosswalks will be installed along 122nd Avenue NE at NE 62nd Street and NE 61st Street.

Why: The Project focuses on pedestrian safety by providing children a safe alternative to riding the bus or being driven to school.  These projects will help close the gap in the pedestrian facilities linking neighborhoods to their elementary schools.


What to Expect: At times, the contractor will be restricting parking along the roadway.  “No-Parking” signs will be posted 24 hours in advance of all parking restrictions. There may be inconveniences associated with driving through the work zone; traffic control and flagging operations may be in effect.  Emergency vehicle access will be maintained throughout the construction process.

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