Jessica Greenway Addresses Vision for Kirkland at Campaign Kickoff Event


The campaign to re-elect Councilmember Jessica Greenway held its kickoff event at the Greenway/Nelson home. Enthusiastic supporters from all corners of the City gathered on June 16 to enjoy Kirkland camaraderie, to hear Jessica speak and cheer her on for re-election to the Kirkland City Council.


Jessica’s commitment to environmental stewardship was apparent at this event - the food, beverages and supplies were entirely “zero-waste” with all items being recyclable or compostable.


Jessica’s husband Ken spoke, emphasizing that Jessica truly "walks the walk" noting her career of over 25 years in financial planning and her reputation as a national leader in socially responsible investing, with millions of client funds invested in ethical companies that practice environmental stewardship.


Earlier that day, Jessica received the endorsement of the Sierra Club, adding to endorsements she has received from Washington Conservation Voters, Women’s Political Caucus, Cascade Bicycle Club and many community leaders and neighbors. Jessica noted these during her remarks, to applause and cheers from everyone in the room.


Jessica spoke with praise for her colleagues on the Kirkland City Council, noting that they are a very efficient working team. Jessica stated, “We work well together, we respect each other, we work hard and we get things done. We don’t always agree, and why would we? Citizens we represent don’t always agree. We prepare, we’re knowledgeable about the issues, we discuss, we vote, we get our work done for the citizens we represent.”


She then addressed her vision for her next term:


  • Annexation is a challenge in the best of times and in times like this, the challenge is huge. With my experience and financial expertise, I can help make annexation successful for all Kirkland citizens. We promised to bring Kirkland services to the annexation area without raising their costs. We promised Kirkland citizens that annexation would not result in a lower standard of service and would not increase their costs. Government must honor its commitments and I will work hard to do exactly that.
  • We must maintain our high standards of public safety. Public safety is the foundation of Kirkland quality of life and as of June 1, that is for all of Kirkland. Citizens tell us that this is their priority. I will maintain high standards of public safety by advocating for adequate staffing and funding.
  • Fiscal Responsibility. I have been a champion of responsible tax policies and making sure you get good value for your tax dollar. I am a strong advocate for a sustainable budget, which means we fund essential services from predictable revenue. I will continue to champion responsible spending that meets citizen needs.
  • Responsiveness. I will continue to listen to you, respect your input, respond, and work for you. I am here for you and for all citizens. I encourage you to talk to me, tell me what is important to you. I want and need your input to be effective. I work for you!
  • Economic Development. I have a long record of being supportive of Kirkland businesses. I was a key player in making sure we had the zoning for Google to build its Northwest headquarters in its present location. Kirkland has a low percentage of commercially zoned land and I fought to keep that property commercially zoned. I have worked tirelessly for parking strategies that work for our downtown businesses and I am continuing that work. Successful economic development requires planning, forethought, vision, courage and the right decisions at the right time. I will continue that work so we can bring business and jobs to Kirkland.
  • Environmental Stewardship I will continue to support parks and protect our natural resources. Kirkland has a long record of leadership in environmental stewardship: our Green Team, the City’s commitment to reduce its own carbon footprint, preserving green space and natural areas, land use decisions that make environmental sense, transportation planning to give citizens choices, and our complete streets planning to make our community walkable and bikeable. I will continue to be a leader in this area.

The event concluded with passionate remarks from Faire Lees. Faire and her husband Dan have lived in Finn Hill for 30 years. Faire said “One of the main reasons Dan and I are enthusiastic about annexation is that we want to be represented by Jessica! Having watched her on the Kirkland City Council and in community meetings for years, we admire the way she listens to citizens, is open and honest, and explains her decisions clearly. We want that for our community!”