Kirkland City Council Musical Chairs - Nine Candidates Run For Three Seats

When the music stops, who will be left without a chair?

In what can only be called a whirlwind of a week in Kirkland politics, five candidates filed to run in two of the three Kirkland City Council seats that are up for grabs. Many in town were concerned that there might not be challengers to run against incumbents Bob Sternoff and Dave Asher. It wasn't until Monday, June 6 when the first challenger, Jason Gardiner of Kingsgate stepped up for Position No. 2 currently held by Sternoff. There was silence for the rest of the week until Thursday when Chuck Hinson of Norkirk announced his intention to run against Sternoff, sparking the need for a primary on August 16.

As of Friday morning, it looked like incumbent Dave Asher would run unopposed for reelection. Then in succession, three candidates filed on Friday afternoon - all of them seeking Position No. 6 currently held by Asher. Scott Galbraith of Finn Hill filed first, followed by Martin Morgan of South Rose Hill, and Jim Hart of Houghton.

Jessica Greenway, the incumbent in Position No. 4, has had an opponent in Toby Nixon of Kingsgate since May 9, 2011.

Of course, now that the filing deadline has come and gone, no more candidates can run for office and those who have filed cannot change seats. Candidates can withdraw anytime between now and next Thursday without their names being placed on the ballot.

Below are the Kirkland City Council races as they stand Friday Night.

Stay tuned for updates. When the music stops, we'll be there.

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Council Position No. 2

Jason Gardiner - Jason Gardiner Challenges Bob Sternoff for Kirkland City Council

Bob Sternoff (incumbent)

Chuck Hinson - It’s Primary Season in Kirkland – Chuck Hinson Enters City Council Race Against Sternoff, Gardiner


Council Position No. 4

Toby Nixon - Toby Nixon announces candidacy for Kirkland City Council

Jessica Greenway (incumbent)


Council Position No. 6

Dave Asher (incumbent)

Scott Galbraith - Scott Galbraith to Challenge Incumbent Dave Asher for Kirkland City Council

Martin Morgan - Martin Morgan Runs Against Dave Asher, Sparks Primary for Kirkland City Council Seat No. 6

James A. (Jim) Hart - And Then There Were Four… Jim Hart Challenges Dave Asher for Kirkland City Council