Jane Hague files for another term on the King County Council

Earlier today Jane Hague filed papers to run for another term on the King County Council representing District 6.


“I love the Eastside and I’m eager to continue serving my neighbors in District 6,” said Hague, who is also Vice Chair of the Council.  “It really is an honor to serve the people. We need to make county government leaner, smarter, and more efficient in delivering services.”


In April Hague kicked off her campaign with a stunning gala breakfast that attracted over 900 supporters.  Other high profile guests included Democrat State Auditor Brian Sonntag and Republican State Attorney General Rob McKenna, King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert, and scores of local Eastside city officials.  Hague raised $80,000 at the event.


“I want to continue to provide a bridge between liberals and conservatives on the Council to find solutions we can all agree on. I have blocked tax increases without a vote of the people and helped find ways to protect parks and urban forests,” Hague said.


According to the Public Disclosure Commission, she has raised around $180,000 for the cycle.  Hague has said she expects to raise over $500,000.


“I’m looking forward to the campaign and talking with voters,” said Hague. “This campaign is about listening to voters and following their direction. People want someone who is tough on fiscal issues but moderate on social issues and strong on the environment. That’s exactly how I vote and I think my vision for King County is really representative of our Eastside values.”


Jane Hague was first elected to the County Council in 1994 and has represented the greater Eastside ever since. All Council seats are nonpartisan.


For more information visit: www.janehague.com