Kirkland City Councilmembers Asher and Greenway Endorsed by King County Dems

At their May 24, 2011 meeting, King County Democrats voted to oppose several state initiatives and voted to endorse two candidates for Kirkland City Council.

The King County Democrats voted to endorse two candidates for Kirkland City Council (KCC races are non-partisan):

  • Kirkland City Council Position 4 – Jessica Greenway
  • Kirkland City Council Position 6 – David Asher

The King County Democrats voted unanimously to oppose people signing and voting for Initiative 1125 and all other initiatives filed by Tim Eyman this year. The I-1125 ballot title reads: Initiative Measure 1125 concerns state expenditures on transportation.  This measure would prohibit the use of motor vehicle fund revenue and vehicle total revenue for non-transportation purposes, and require that road and bridge tolls be set by the legislature and be project specific.

The King County Democrats also voted to oppose both signing petitions for or voting for  Initiative 119 and Initiative 1122.

  • King County Democrats oppose I-119. The ballot title reads: Initiative Measure No. 1119 concerns public assistance for non-United States citizens. This measure would prohibit Washington from providing public assistance, as defined, to all non-United States citizens, including persons legally residing in the United States, and authorize fraud prosecution for falsifying public assistance applications.
  • King County Democrats oppose I-1122. The ballot title reads: Initiative Measure No. 1122 concerns public and private enforcement of immigration laws. This measure would require state and local agencies to enforce federal immigration laws and verify immigration status to issue driver’s licenses and public benefits. All employers would have to “E-Verify” employees’ immigration status.