Kirkland City Council And Residents On Midnight Watch To Welcome Annexation At 12:01 On June 1, 2011

WHAT: Kirkland City Council members and annexation area residents will unveil “Welcome to Kirkland” entrance signs at two locations to officially welcome the annexation of Finn Hill, North Juanita, and Kingsgate into the City of Kirkland.


WHEN: 12:01 a.m., June 1, 2011 (the official effective date of the annexation)


WHERE: Unveilings will occur at the following locations:


1.    Southwest corner of 100th Avenue NE/NE 145th Street, north of Simonds Road in the Juanita Neighborhood.


2.    Southwest corner of 124th Avenue NE at the Tolt Pipe Line south of Woodmoor Elementary School (12225 NE 160th Street, Bothell) in the Kingsgate Neighborhood.


WHO: Kirkland City Council members, City staff, and annexation neighborhood leaders will be present to unveil the signs.


WHY: As a unique and memorable way to welcome the residents and businesses of Finn Hill, North Juanita and Kingsgate to the City of Kirkland.