Give a Little, Get a Lot | Letter

Dear Editor:

As you read this, Kirkland is becoming the 7th largest city in Washington. 72,000 strong and stretching from Interstate 520 to the southern border of the bustling metropolis of Kenmore/Bothell.


Kirkland has non-stop events and oozes the small town charm and beauty that make it a magnet for families and singles, young and old, rich and not-so-rich.


  • The Fourth of July Parade
  • The Fireworks Extravaganza
  • The Classic Car Show
  • Wednesday Market
  • Flower Pots & Hanging Baskets
  • Summer Concerts Series
  • Christmas Tree Lighting & Holidays in A Small Town


And let me tell you, it ain’t cheap.


Local businesses are giving until it hurts - I know because I see the blood on the checkbooks. Every month volunteers are ‘going to the well’ and, god bless ‘em, the businesses come through with generous donations. Car dealerships and swimsuit shops, software giants and family restaurants, nightclubs and tanning salons, shopping centers and coffee shops. But the costs are huge and the bank balances aren’t. And that brings the fight for funding to your front door.


The annual shortfall is estimated to be $200,000.


If each person who calls themselves a Kirklander would give $2.50, we would have more than enough to pay for everything you love about Downtown Kirkland costs about $2.50 for every man, woman and child in the community.


BUT not every man woman and child can pay $2.50. Lets assume half of the population is under 14 years of age or over 65. We’re not going to raid their piggy banks and pensions for $2.50. So now we’re left with 35,000 people needing to pay $5 each.


Of those 36,000 people, lets take one third of them out of the equation for financial hardship. Now I know that $5 is not a lot of money, but this is a recession and every penny counts.


36,000 minus 12,000 leaves us with 24,000 people who must love everything Kirkland has to offer or else why would they live here? If my math is correct, those 24,000 people would need to pony up $7.50 each to pay for everything listed above.


$7.50 per year for events and surroundings most towns would LOVE to have.


BUT we all know that a eensy weensy, itty bitty percentage of the population prefers to enjoy everything without paying a dime. This miniscule, almost indiscernible percentage would much rather come downtown, walk around the marina, take in the efforts of others and then go home without contributing a penny. Sure this is a tiny portion of our population, probably no more than, say... 50%


So that leaves us with 12,000 people to cover the expenses of everyone. Now 2,000 people are going to say the dog ate their checkbook or they close their eyes during the fireworks or flower baskets bother their allergies.


And we are left with the SOLID 10,000 ! Those who always answer the call. Those who see the wisdom of the ancient questions “If not me, who? If not now, when?”


10,000 people pledging $20 each will raise all the additional funds necessary to Keep Kirkland Kolorful (great slogan, lousy acronym).

Pledge at least $20 today and no one will bug you again until this time NEXT YEAR !




You can also send a tax-deductible contribution to: Kirkland Downtown Association 223 Kirkland Ave, Suite 102 Kirkland WA 9803


John Michael Gilday