Kirkland Through The Eyes of Gabriel Campanario | "The greenest space on Lake Washington"

"Even though I found a few pockets of new development here and there --like the one pictured in my sketch--, nature seems to be winning the battle with urbanization here. Lou Berner, a local biologist and board member of the Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance, said the area including St. Edward State Park, O.O. Denny Park, Big Finn Hill Park and the Juanita Woodlands is the greenest space on Lake Washington."  Gabriel Campanario.


The Seattle Times is host to the works of Gabriel Campanario, a local artist who gives a new perspective to Seattle-area scenes through the use of a pen and water color paints. Recently, Gabriel created some images of the Finn Hill neighborhood and he has permitted Kirkland Views to post his works as part of a series leading up to Kirkland's annexation of Finn Hill, North Juanita and Kingsgate on June 1, 2011.

We think these images are fantastic and we hope to see more of Kirkland represented in Gabriel's artwork.

To see more of Gabriel's artwork, please visit