Lake Washington School District’s budget to be cut $5.1 million - proposed by Legislature

The proposed joint budget released today by the state House of Representatives and Senate will result in about $5.1 million less for Lake Washington School District’s instructional programs for each of the next two years.


The proposed state budget cuts the remaining funding for kindergarten through fourth grade class size enhancements designed to keep classes in those grades smaller. Two million dollars of this revenue was cut mid-year and the remaining $600,000 will be cut in 2011-12 for a total reduction of $2.6 million. In addition, the state will provide about $2.0 million less in revenue due to cuts to employee salary allocations. These reductions are 1.9 percent for teachers and classified staff and 3.0 percent for administrators. Additional program cuts and pension-rate contribution increases amount to another $.5 million per year impact.


“This additional cut further erodes the funding we receive to provide a basic education to our students,” noted Deputy Superintendent Janene Fogard.


Plans for how these reductions will be implemented are yet to be developed.


The state House and Senate are expected to vote on this compromise budget shortly. It must be approved by the two bodies and signed by the Governor to become official.