Kirkland Renaissance - Downtown Blossoms with New Restaurants and Shops

Have you visited downtown Kirkland lately? Things are really hopping. Like many cities hit hard by the economic downturn, Kirkland's downtown core has seen its share of store closings. But during the past few months, a new wave of vitality has washed over this business district on the shore of Lake Washington.

New shops and restaurants seem to be opening in right and left. Parts of downtown Kirkland are blossoming into a revitalized business district. For the most part, this revitalization is not the due to new development, rather the backfilling pre-existing vacant retail space.

While many fix their gaze firmly to the north toward Kirkland's newly annexed areas of Finn Hill, North Juanita and Kingsgate, they best not forget about downtown Kirkland. Great things are happening in downtown Kirkland, the de facto tourist district.

Here are a few of the additions to downtown over the past few months and some new ones on the near horizon: