Three pitbulls let loose in Juanita Beach Park, Pitbull attacks and is shot in neck

  UPDATED May 22, 10:54AM


___ UPDATED May 21, 6:45PM

The following statement is from the Kirkland Police Department:

Kirkland Man Shoots Dog in Park

A Kirkland man shot a pit-bull dog in Juanita Beach Park around 4:00 pm today after the dog first attacked his dog and then turned to attack him. The man was in the park with his German Shepherd when three pit-bull dogs came into the area. All the dogs were off-leash and one attacked the German Shepherd who was also off-leash. The man attempted to get the pit-bull off his dog when the other two pit-bulls also joined the attack on his dog. The owner of the pit-bulls, a Seattle man, also attempted to remove the dogs from the German Shepherd. The dogs continued to go after the German Sheppard each time they were pulled from dog. However, one dog pulled from the attack turned on the Kirkland man in an aggressive manner. The man took his concealed carry pistol out and shot the dog once. The man has a registered concealed carry permit for the handgun. The owner of the pit-bulls took the three dogs and left to an area veterinarian hospital. The dog received surgery and is expected to survive. King County Animal Control was notified and any citations concerning the animals would come from that agency. Kirkland Police will complete the investigation on the discharging of the firearm. Initial witness statements collaborate the Kirkland man’s version of the event.


UPDATED May 21, 5:25PM

Witnesses say that the Kirkland Police have apprehended the driver of the maroon truck.


A peaceful afternoon in Juanita was shattered at approximately 3:30 p.m. on Saturday afternoon as three pitbulls were released into Juanita Beach Park, resulting in one of the pitbulls attacking a man who pulled a gun and shot the dog in the face.

The horrific events were described by eyewitnesses as follows:

A man described as driving a maroon truck let loose three pitbulls into Juanita Beach Park on the north of Juanita Drive.

One of the three loose pitbulls turned and attacked a dog owner and his german shepard who were already in the park.

The german shepard was attacked first by the loose pitbull which then turned on the german shepherd's owner.

The german shepherd's owner then shot the pitbull in the face.

The german shepherd ran into a nearby commercial district.

Eyewitnesses account report that following the attack and shooting, the driver of the maroon truck obtained control of his other two pitbulls, gathered the remains of the third and fled the scene driving east down NE 116th Street.

Frequent park users reported that they had never before seen the pitbulls or the maroon truck at Juanita Beach.

Witnesses called 911 and Kirkland Police were on the scene quickly.

We will keep you posted as more information comes in.

Thank you to Terri Fletcher for help with this story.