When Will Juanita Beach Park Reopen?

[box type="note" style="rounded" border="full"]A reader asked this question of the City and shared the response with us. - Editor[/box]

Q: You probably get asked this every day, but when will the Juanita Beach Park open?  I thought it was scheduled to re-open in time for the Annexation celebration, but a line in Kirkland Views led me to believe that only the North End of the park will be open on June 3.

"Activities will be held on the north side of the park where the Juanita Friday Market is located."

A: Thanks for the inquiry.  We are pushing the contractor to get the job done before summer.  Right now we are projecting that construction will continue through mid-June.  They paved most of the new parking lot yesterday and irrigation system and landscaping will begin shortly.  We’re getting closer.

Once we have a better idea on the actual date of reopening we’ll get the word out.

City of Kirkland Department of Parks and Community Services