Attention Finn Hill Residents: Participation Needed in Forming Your Neighborhood Association

Seeking Participation Of Finn Hill Residents In Forming A City Of Kirkland Neighborhood Association!

In coordination with the Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance, a committee has been assembled to form a neighborhood association for the Finn Hill Annexation Area. The committee is seeking broad participation and interest from residents throughout Finn Hill. The next meeting of the Finn Hill Neighborhood Group Organizing Committee is scheduled for Monday, May 23rd at 7 PM at St. John Vianney Church (downstairs in Room 8). The church is located at 12600 84th Avenue NE.


The Finn Hill neighborhood is over 2,600 acres in size and is distinguished by abundant intact natural resources. After June 1st, the neighborhood will become part of the City of Kirkland. Kirkland is known for its neighborhoods, and values the meaningful participation of the community in City decision-making processes and services. The neighborhood association will draw Finn Hill residents together to identify the character and vision of the neighborhood as a whole, to advocate for common issues and specific priorities, and to provide a conduit for the community and City to engage one another.


An initial meeting of the organizing committee occurred on May 9th with additional meetings planned over the next few months. Two spokesmen for the group were chosen at the meeting; Jon Pascal, a Planning Commissioner for the City of Kirkland, and Jeff Hoerth, past president of the Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance. Please contact either Jon or Jeff to add your name to the committee contact list and find out how you can participate. Jon can be reached at (206) 890-3868 or and Jeff’s contact information is (206) 353-1254 or


The committee is working to post more information on the Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance web site and also has a Facebook page established called Finn Hill Community. Members of the committee plan to host a table at the upcoming annexation celebration at Juanita Park on Friday, June 3rd from 3 to 7 PM to provide additional information about the group’s purpose and how Finn Hill residents may get involved.

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