Kirkland Officials Praise Census Legislation that Saves Tax Payer Dollars

Governor signs bill that removes costly requirement for annexation census

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At the July 20, 2010 Study Session, the Kirkland City Council member Bob Sternoff discussed how a mandatory and costly census of the annexation area population might be avoided since the Federal government had just conducted a census that same year. This was the genesis of the bill which was signed by the governor and referred to in the city's press release below.

Kirkland City officials today praised Governor Gregoire for signing Senate Bill (SB) 5505 which creates an alternative to a state requirement for cities that annex unincorporated areas to conduct a population census within one month after the effective date of annexation.  SB 5505, which was sponsored by State Senator Andy Hill and State Representative Larry Springer, allows the City to determine the annexation population by utilizing the decennial census figures and updating those based on development activity occurring between April 1, 2010 and June 1, 2011. Decennial census data is available for census blocks, the boundaries of which correspond very closely to the annexation boundaries.


“Senate Bill 5505 eliminates the need for the City of Kirkland to conduct a costly and redundant census of population for the North Juanita, Finn Hill and Kingsgate neighborhoods being annexed to Kirkland,” said Joan McBride, Mayor of the City of Kirkland.  “Kirkland successfully supported its position that the 2010 Census data would suffice.”


“This bill simply says that if an annexation occurs within 12 months of the release of the last federal census, a redundant recount is not required. And that the population estimate for the annexation area will be based on the last census and updated by the same data that is used in every other population estimate,” said Penny Sweet, Kirkland’s Deputy Mayor.


Kirkland City Council Member Bob Sternoff, who initiated the idea of the legislation, added, “This bill is a practical, good government bill that will save tax payers an estimated $225,000 dollars.”


City Council Member Doreen Marchione thanked both Senator Hill and Representative Springer for championing the bill and stated, “In these times of reduced City revenues, these funds would be much better used to provide direct services to Kirkland citizens.”


The Kirkland City Council’s 2011 Legislative Agenda can be found online at