Kudos to Kirkland's 132nd Square Park Volunteers for Securing Neighborhood Gathering Places Grant


Tully’s Coffee And Pomegranate Center Team Up To Revitalize Four Seattle-Area Community Spaces. Four Grants Awarded as Part of Tully’s Partnership with Pomegranate Center and Commitment to Community Space Revitalization, including Kirkland's 132nd Square Park in Kingsgate

Good things are coming to 132nd Square Park in Kingsgate (13159 132nd Ave NE, parking lot is accessible from NE 132nd Street). Neighborhood volunteers in cooperation with the City of Kirkland were instrumental in securing the grant for the 9.76 acre park which will officially become a part of the City of Kirkland with annexation starting June 1.

Pomegranate Center and Tully’s Coffee began a search in March for communities in the Seattle area in greatest need of a public gathering space grant.  Outdoor gardens, natural or urban parks, amphitheaters, shelters, or streets, all could be gathering places. Indoor spaces such as community centers or libraries were also eligible.

Lynda Haneman, President of the Totem Lake Neighborhood Association, has worked behind the scenes for the past few months on the "Gathering Places Project." According to Haneman, there will be plenty of volunteer oportunities for interested parties in the near future as the project at 132nd Square Park gets underway.

Suffice to say, the Totem Lake/Kingsgate Neighborhood Association is thrilled to have been selected. Our first meeting with staff from Pomegranate Center will be this Thursday evening. This will be a fast paced project, with completion of the project to be prior to year end. Once the plan for the project has been determined, we will be seeking various tradespersons to assist. This could be folks who work in concrete, landscaping, and other construction related fields. Artists are encouraged to volunteer as well. Participants do not have to live in the Totem Lake/Kingsgate area. Anyone who is interested can contact me directly at info@totemlakena.org or 206-300-7090.

Lynda Haneman

We would like to say Kudos to Lynda and the team of volunteers who worked with her in this successful endeavor. We look forward to monitoring the progress of this neighborhood gathering place.

Well done!

The following is the official press release:

Tully’s Coffee, and Pomegranate Center are joining forces to help spark a movement to create gathering places in communities across the country, where people can meet, linger, chat, and celebrate.  This transformation movement is starting here in the greater Seattle area, where four Seattle-based communities will receive 2011 service grants: Hunter Farm Gathering Place (Wedgwood, Wash.), Mercer Island Library (Mercer Island, Wash.), Sumner (Sumner, Wash.), and Square Park (Kirkland, Wash.).

The four selected communities will each receive a grant from Pomegranate Center, funded by Tully’s Coffee, to plan, design, and build neighborhood gathering places.  Each place will be uniquely hand-crafted with local energy, materials, and art.  In addition, the four selected communities will receive training, community engagement expertise, designs, and building management throughout the rest of the year.

Our Tully’s Coffee brand and the Pomegranate Center share a commitment to community building and engagement as a path toward improving the health and quality of life of the places we call home,” said Karen Yacos, Director of Domestic Community Outreach, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc.  “We are pleased to support Pomegranate Center in awarding these four grants in the Seattle area and look forward to seeing these community spaces come to life this year.”

In March, Pomegranate Center and Tully’s Coffee began a search for communities in the Seattle area in greatest need of a public gathering space.  The gathering places could be outdoors in gardens, natural or urban parks, amphitheaters, shelters, or streets, or they could be indoor spaces such as community centers or libraries.  The four winning projects are as follows:

  • Hunter Farm Gathering Place: Transformation of a mostly vacant area into an artistic community space, providing the community with a much needed recreation area.

  • Mercer Island Library: Creation of an outdoor gathering, learning, and nature space that is adjacent to the library.
  • Sumner: Conversion of a downtown alley into a vibrant, art-filled community gathering space, a first in the business district of Sumner.
  • Square Park: Redevelopment of an existing and well-loved community park by adding additional social space.

“Pomegranate Center believes every neighborhood deserves a community space where people of all ages can get to know each other and, over time, build trust,” said Milenko Matanovic, Executive Director of Pomegranate Center.  “When a community is involved in design and construction of a space, the pride and ownership increases significantly.  Our partnership with Tully’s Coffee is an incredible opportunity to expand our reach and stimulate a gathering places movement.”

The four Seattle community space projects are being funded by Tully’s Coffee and will be developed by community members and the Pomegranate Center.  Volunteers in each community are encouraged to get involved in the planning and building process.  A training session and launch will be held on Saturday, May 21 for those interested in serving on steering committees for these projects.  For more information, visit TullysWorthDiscovering.com andPomegranateCenter.org.

According to King County, 132nd Square Park has the following amenities:

  • open play field
  • grass athletic fields
  • picnicking
  • reflexology walking path
  • restrooms
Thank you to Dave Asher for the heads up.