Toby Nixon announces candidacy for Kirkland City Council

Former State Representative Toby Nixon announced today that he will seek election this year to the Kirkland City Council. He has filed as a candidate for Position 4, currently held by Jessica Greenway.“Our city is at a crossroads,” Nixon said. “To build the Kirkland we want for tomorrow, we need city government today that is fiscally responsible, encouraging to local businesses, and open and accountable to our citizens. I’ll work to build Kirkland’s tomorrow.” Nixon is an experienced and active leader in our community. He serves as a commissioner of King County Fire Protection District 41, which provides fire and emergency medical service to the Kingsgate, North Juanita, and Finn Hill areas in cooperation with the Kirkland Fire Department. As state representative for the 45th District from 2002 to 2007, he represented many of the citizens of Kirkland in Olympia. A consistent advocate for transparency and ethics in government, Nixon chaired the Kirkland Ethics Task Force, appointed by the city council to draft an ethics and conduct policy for members of the city council and city boards and commissions. He also serves as president of Washington Coalition for Open Government, a statewide non-profit non-partisan organization that educates citizens and public officials regarding access to public records and meetings. “I want Kirkland to be an example of openness and accountability to cities throughout Washington, and go beyond the minimal basic requirements of state law on government transparency and ethics,” said Nixon. “We need a strong ethics code now, so we don’t repeat the problems we’ve seen in Bellevue and other cities, and comprehensive policies on disclosure to ensure citizens have access to public records promptly and cost-effectively. We have a right to know what our city officials are doing, and to expect them to serve the public interest and not personal or political gain.” Nixon supports a healthy local business climate, and has been recognized as “Government Partner of the Year” by the Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce and “Guardian of Small Business” by the National Federation of Independent Business. “We need jobs and businesses in Kirkland to grow if we expect the best services for our neighborhoods and families,” said Nixon. “Our business regulations, zoning, and tax policies must accommodate innovation and growth, while protecting the unique character of Kirkland and our neighborhoods.” Nixon co-chaired Citizens for One Kirkland, the committee that supported annexation of Kingsgate, North Juanita, and Finn Hill into Kirkland. “I’m looking forward to my neighborhood finally being a part of the city of Kirkland on June 1. I’ve worked toward this goal for nearly a decade, unlike some on the city council who tried to block it and voted against it,” said Nixon. “I’m committed to bringing all parts of our city together, building a sustainable budget, and providing the essential services that the citizens and businesses in Kirkland deserve and expect.” Nixon has been an active supporter of improving education and aiding the young people in our community through their challenges. He’s a member of the advisory councils of both the Lake Washington Schools Foundation and Youth Eastside Services, and a former board member of YES. Nixon, 51, is a senior program manager in the Windows Ecosystem Engagement Team at Microsoft, assisting in developing technology standards strategies, representing Microsoft in national and international organizations, and promoting Microsoft technology initiatives to industry partners. He’s been with Microsoft and lived in Kirkland since 1993. He and his wife Irene have five children ages 18 to 26. For more information, visit