Underdog Sports Leagues Kickball In Kirkland

Adult co-rec kickball at 132nd Square Park

Underdog Kickball brings a fresh new twist to the adult recreational sports scene. Kickball... yes, just like you played in 5th grade, is a game that closes the age and gender gap, if but a little.

This great playground pastime is now back for adults 21 and older to enjoy. So far, ages for players have ranged from 21-61, all in the same division.

We at Underdog Kickball encourage rivalries, cheering, and general fun; but if you are an individual looking for an extremely competitive sport, our leagues may not be for you. Remember, it's just kickball, you can’t really get that worked up or mad about anything…it's just kickball.

The idea behind kickball - past and present - is to have fun first, win second. Win or lose, what's better than being out there having fun with friends? And... the upside of kickball for grown-ups is the chance to go to a local sponsor bar after the game, socialize and hang out.

We have some great news for the Eastside - Underdog Sports Leagues is starting a Summer kickball league at 132nd Square Park in Kirkland starting on June 26th!


This is the perfect location for some sun and fun!


It is a 6 week league with playoffs for those teams that qualify, and games are on Sunday afternoons starting from noon to 4pm right at the field in the middle of the Kirkland city center!

The team format is 10 people minimum (6 men and 4 women) but rosters can go up to 15 people. All team shirts are included as well as a super cool team practice ball. The team fee is $675 for the season or $75 for an individual. Sign ups are open to teams, individuals and small groups.

Visit: www.underdogseattle.com