We’re Connecting Kirkland on a Walk/Treasure Hunt on May 22nd

On Sunday, May 22nd you’ll have a chance to be among the first to take a different look at Kirkland by walking on what is hoped to be a future community trail. 

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The walk/treasure hunt will take you along the BNSF corridor in Houghton.  You’ll get to experience the peaceful surroundings and lush greenery of the trail, while seeing some great views of the lake, the mountains, and Seattle.  The trail walk/treasure hunt will wind through Kirkland, connecting people with the different neighborhoods and local businesses.  The Keg, Burgermaster, Kidd Valley, Metropolitan Market and PCC are among the Kirkland businesses which will be stops along the walk.  Take your time along the walk to enjoy the views, get answers to a list of questions, and stop for lunch.

Views of Lake Washington from what could be a future trail

Why is this a treasure hunt?  Walkers will receive a map and a list of questions about Kirkland that can be answered at specific stops along the route.  It’s a hunt to find answers to questions about Kirkland and its history. Bring a pencil so you can jot down the answers.  You may find out what was happening 100 years ago at Carillon Point or what was discovered at Lakeview Elementary.

The cost for the map is $4.00.  The event is jointly sponsored by the Cascade Orienteering Club, and Eastside Trail Advocates. Feel free to check out and “like” our Facebook page.  We’ll continue to post information about trails on the eastside.

Our goal is to have fun, enjoy the beauty of Kirkland, and experience what could one day be part of the world class trail system on the  Eastside.  Walkability is a key component to today’s livable cities and will continue to be in the future. People want out of their cars and to be using two wheels or their two feet.  Let’s help Kirkland take the “path” towards having the BNSF corridor become a trail.  A trail will add to the wonderful lifestyle Kirkland offers to all of us who live here.

The BNSF Corridor Through KIrkland Is a Great Place for a Trail

Head on over to the South Kirkland Park and Ride on May 22, 2011.  Registration for the walk is at 10 AM.  The walk runs from the Park and Ride lot to NE 68th in Houghton, which is approximately 3-3.5 miles. The best part is the walk is almost all flat or downhill, so it’s an easy stroll or run.  Parking is available in the Park and Ride lot.  Hope to see you there.