Houghton Envy | HB 1812 Returns to Rules Committee, May Be Reintroduced

The highly controversial House Bill 1812 titled, "Changing provisions relating to community municipal corporations" has returned to its house of origin. The bill, which was targeted at terminating the Houghton Community Council, is not "dead" and there is a chance that it could still be pulled from the Rules Committee. Interested parties may wish to contact their representatives to express their opinion on the matter.

While the chances of this bill being put into play this year are slim, it is very possible that it will be reintroduced next session.

The history of HB 1812 is available at: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?bill=1812#history

We received a copy of this email from city staff to the Kirkland City Council informing them of the bill's status:

From: Lorrie McKay Sent: Mon 4/25/2011 4:02 PM To: City Council Cc: Kurt Triplett; Marilynne Beard; Kari Page Subject: Status of HB 1812 - "Changing provisions relating to community municipal corporations"

Good afternoon Mayor and Council members,

This is a note to update you on the status of HB 1812 - "Changing provisions relating to community municipal corporations"

If you recall, the bill was heard in Senate Committee on March 8 and no other action was taken.    Last Friday, as the legislature concluded its regular session work, HB 1812 was "returned to the House Rules Committee for third reading by resolution."    I'm emailing to communicate what this means in case anyone contacts you with questions.

Essentially, at the end of the session everything returns to its house of origin. to the highest status it received.  So for HB 1812 it goes back to House Rules and is considered on 3rd reading status.  (This is also where HB 1398 - exemption for impact fees for low-income housing - went is since it also passed the House but died in the Senate.)  The House and the Senate will sort out all of these bills and anything they want to put into play will get pulled from Rules and start moving again.

Most likely, at some point soon, the legislature's informational web page for HB 1812 will appear with "Rules X" on it.  This means, the bill is 'dead' and has been "x-filed" - that could happen during the special session or it may happen as late as the beginning of session next year, when they sort through what they want to keep alive (since the bills stay alive for a biennium).  Other bills that will get "x-filed" eventually include... HB 1336 - the companion to the annexation census bill since the Senate version passed.  There are lots of reasons why bills go to the x-files.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.