Jessica Greenway Announces Campaign For Re-Election to Kirkland City Council


Jessica Greenway recently announced her campaign for a third term on the Kirkland City Council, Position 4. “I believe in providing an open, transparent government that is responsive to citizens and encourages and listens to their input,” Greenway said.


The importance of a thriving and prosperous business community is vital to Kirkland’s future. “I am dedicated to helping businesses by supporting good transportation choices and fostering an environment that encourages responsible economic development. Our city’s future depends on stable employers who provide good jobs for citizens and allow us to get products and services close to home.”


Making the upcoming annexation successful for both existing Kirkland and its new residents is a priority. “The financial expertise I bring as Chair of the Finance Committee and to Council budget deliberations will help Kirkland continue its history of responsible fiscal management during these tough economic times.”


Jessica’s track record shows that she can be trusted to protect Kirkland’s quality of life. She will insist on maintaining Kirkland’s high standards of public safety with adequate staffing and funding. And her past experience as founder and chair of a neighborhood association makes Jessica keenly aware of the value citizens place on preserving neighborhood character.


With a commitment to waste management, waste reduction, recycling and composting, Greenway chairs the Metropolitan Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee where she participate in regional planning on the City’s behalf. She is passionate about environmental stewardship to protect Kirkland’s natural beauty and provides leadership for green practices.


Decades of leadership in serving Kirkland and her commitment to open government prove Jessica Greenway is experienced, dedicated, and independent. Her knowledge and enthusiasm are demonstrated assets for Kirkland citizens and she looks forward to continuing to serve.