Is there a Park Bond in Kirkland's Future? (poll)

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Recently, discussion inside City Hall has included interest in developing another park bond to raise funds for land purchase and/or park improvements and maintenance. The City Council gave direction to staff to look into issue and report back at a later date. Some have targeted the 2012 general election as a good opportunity to put a park bond on the ballot.

Such a bond would be voted on by the new, larger Kirkland community, numbering close to 85,000. Possible projects included in a park bond might be:

  • purchase of the Eastside Rail Corridor for approximately $5 million - sometimes referred to as the future Cross Kirkland Trail;
  • purchase of land for new parks in the annexation area;
  • completion of Juanita Beach Park.

The last park bond and levy passed by citizens of the City of Kirkland was in 2002.

Take our poll and express your interest (or lack thereof) in a park bond for Kirkland.