Host a summer exchange student from Spain

The non-profit organization Center for Cultural Interchange is currently seeking ten volunteer host families on the Eastside and North Seattle. Four week: June 28 - July 26, 2011

You will... Provide a secure and loving home for a teenaged student from Spain for 4 weeks; families with or without children, single parents, empty nesters all welcome! Learn about Spanish culture. Receive ongoing support from your local coordinator. Participate in excursions, if you like.

Your student will... Come with a group of students, accompanied by a bilingual, adult escort. Have English classes and multiple planned activities a week. Share meals, traditions, and daily conversations with you. Arrive with his/her own medical insurance and spending money.

The Students: 1: Javier: 16 years old from Astorga, Spain. He cycles and plays the trumpet. 2: Sara: 15 years old from Bilbao, Spain. She is a gymnast and loves to write. 3: Guillermo: 16 years old from Astarza, Spain. He plays the guitar and basketball. 4: Pablo: 14 years old from Leioa, Spain. He plays soccer and PS3. 5: Borja: 14 years old from Leioa, Spain. He plays soccer, tennis and swims. 6: Ines: 16 years old from Gijon, Spain. She skates and likes movies. 7: Blanca 15 years old from Madrid, Spain. She loves to swim and shipping.

Further details: CCI's Website:

For more information, please contact Anne: 206-618-7301 cheney510(at)