UPDATED Goats spotted on hillside along Lake Street (photos)

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On Sunday, several readers informed us of a rather strange sighting. two dozen goats were spotted grazing on a hillside near the David E. Brink Park in the Moss Bay Neighborhood. Either someone is clearing a hillside (goats are very good at eating everything in sight) or some farmers have just moved into the neighborhood.

After speaking with some neighbors, we learned that the goats will be moving out of the neighborhood on Tuesday. We also learned that the goats were provided by The Goat Lady out of Duvall. According to their website, one can "rent" 25 goats for as little as $325 per day.

Are blackberries and brush causing you landscaping headaches? If so, GOATS could be your answer! Is your lawn out of control? Sheep may be the answer!

We specialize in residential and commercial brush removal using goats and sheep.

They are an ecological means of clearing brush, much cheaper than just the dumpage fee your landscaper would charge, don't take coffee breaks, and are fun to watch.

We deliver from 10-30 goats and/or sheep depending on the job. We have had goats on a job for as short as 1 days and as long as a couple of months...It all depends on the client's personal needs and situation.

We are based in Duvall,Wa and service the Greater Seattle area.

The Goat Lady, LLC


[Thank you to Maureen Kelly for the heads up.]