Anonymously Yours - Easter bonnets and baskets on The Cow and The Coyote

Once again the anonymous decorators have made their mark on downtown Kirkland, by dressing the Cow and The Coyote statue on Central Way in Easter bonnets and baskets filled with Easter eggs (or as some in Seattle prefer to call them, Spring Spheres). The handful of emails we receive about this tradition tells us it is appreciated by most folks around town (with the exception of one grumpy guy who we will presume was having a bad day). Throughout the year, the statue mysteriously gets clothed in costumes celebrating the seasons.

Quirky? Yes. Does it show pride in our community? Absolutely. We say, well done!

The Cow and The Coyote is Kirkland’s version, albeit smaller and less well-known, of the Fremont Waiting for the Interurban.

Happy Easter from your friends at Kirkland Views!