Drop by for Coffee with Fire Chief Nalder at Finn Hill QFC on Saturday, April 16

Learn how a new Finn Hill fire station will shave precious time off responses to fires and medical emergencies such as heart attacks

Residents of Fire District 41 are invited to stop by the Finn Hill QFC, 14130 Juanita Dr. N.E., Sat., Apr. 16, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. to have a cup of coffee with Kirkland Fire Chief Kevin Nalder and learn more about how the planned new fire station will improve service.  This Saturday’s Coffee with the Chief is the first of several public appearances being scheduled for Chief Nalder in the next few weeks to make it easier for people to ask questions about the new fire station.

Chief Nadler’s public availabilities are part of the extended public process by Fire District 41 Commissioners in response to comments made at a March public meeting.  Commissioners are also negotiating an interlocal agreement with the City of Kirkland to continue the public process after annexation June 1st and still preserve Finn Hill residents’ ability to build the long-planned fire station.

The new fire station would be strategically located so that it reduces response times to the greatest number of people in the service area.  The two current stations are not well-located to serve the northern part of Finn Hill.   National experts have determined target response times based on the experience that a fire reaches the ‘flash over’ point of full combustion within the first eight minutes of starting, and brain damage or death starts at four to six minutes for a person without oxygen.

Learn more about the planned new Finn Hill fire station at the Fire District 41 webpage: www.kirklandwa.gov/fd41