Letter | Safety First in support of Finn Hill Fire Station

Dear Editor:

I am totally in favor of the proposed new Fire station at 138th and Juanita Drive. As a resident on 72 Ave NE west of the park we experienced a major house fire. Luckily no one was hurt or injured but my home had major structural damage.
I can certainly appreciate the need to centrally locate fire stations as in my circumstance the fire consumed most of the house owing to the fact that the fire trucks had to come from 84th Ave NE.
I do feel that 20 parking spaces for park users is a bit excessive. On the busiest weekend there are seldom more that two or three cars parked on the existing shoulder area of NE 138th. I would estimate 10 spaces would be more than adequate.
I appreciate the parkland as much as anyone but personal safety trumps the small amount of parkland that will be lost.
Bruce Hilton