Google chooses Kansas City over Kirkland (and everyone else) for ultra-high speed broadband network

On Wednesday, Google announced that Kirkland did not win its bid to be the recipient of Google's broadband network initiative. Well, actually, Google announced that Kansas City, Kansas won, which means we lost. We wrote about Google's contest to wire a city with high speed broadband 100 times faster than what most Americans have today in an article last March (see Kirkland Goes After High Fiber Google Network).

Learn more about Kirkland's campaign to be selected by Google.

The response to Google's initiative was overwhelming—nearly 1,100 cities applied to become the chosen city. All kinds of stunts were tried to curry the favor of Google. Topeka, Kansas topped the cake by changing the name of their city to Google, Kansas.

Oh well. I guess we in Kirkland will have to be happy with Comcast/Xnfinity, the newish local option from Clear, or the FiOS service which Frontier Communications purchased from Verizon and has neglected it ever since.

[box]For those considering switching broadband carriers, take note: While Frontier may offer some benefits over Comcast for internet and television, be aware that they are lagging with the integration of their services and personal technology, specifically mobile devices. Both Comcast and Verizon are producing popular iPhone, iPad and Android apps which provide tremendous utility for their customers ranging from DVR scheduling to watching TV on mobile devices. Frontier does not offer comparable solutions. - Editor[/box]