Why did they take down the playground at Peter Kirk Park and when will it be completed?

Playground at Peter Kirk Park is scheduled to be completed  April 10

Several readers have sent us questions about the progress of the work on the children's playground at Peter Kirk Park. Earlier this year we reported that the playground was to be operational by early March. Unforeseen underground work and poor weather have hindered efforts and delayed the project. It is regrettable that it will not be open as previously scheduled, but since this work is done in-house, crews were needed on higher priority jobs as they arose. The new completion date target is April 10th.

The City of Kirkland has 24 playgrounds throughout the parks system (25 once annexation is finalized on June 1st) and the city maintains and replaces them as needed. Wood splinters and repairs or replacement of parts are most common on the highly-used playgrounds such as the one at Peter Kirk, which was last replaced in the early to mid 1990s.

The typical life span of these playgrounds is 12 to 17 years and they are replaced on a schedule of usually one and sometimes two per year. As maintenance costs rise on the older playgrounds and replacement parts become difficult to obtain, the decision is made to replace them for safety and economic reasons. Kirkland playgrounds have a very good safety record.

This summer the playground at Houghton Beach Park is also scheduled for replacement. Let's hope it starts after Labor day!