When will Juanita Beach Park be reopened?


Juantia Beach Park is scheduled to open in time for the City's annexation celebration party to be held at the park in early June 2011. On June 1st, the neighborhoods of Finn Hill, Juanita and Kingsgate officially become a part of the City of Kirkland.

The park has been closed since May 2010.

Enhancements called for in the 2005 adopted Juanita Beach Park Master Plan are being realized with the renovation of the Park which began in May 2010. Construction activity is limited to areas of the park south of Juanita Drive (beach side) and has prompted the closure of the entire south section of the park, including access to the beach, walking pier, playground and picnic shelters.

Environmental enhancements include the renovation of Juanita Creek, creation of new wetlands and quality marshes, and formation of re-graded lawn areas with improved drainage and irrigation systems. New walking paths, including an accessible beachfront promenade extending the length of the waterfront will be installed.

A new parking lot with associated lighting, landscaping and improved low-impact development pollution and stormwater controls will be constructed. Other improvements include a new open-air amphitheater for small community events, new site furnishings including benches and picnic tables, and extensive new native landscaping.

[box type="note"]Matt McCauley of the Kirkland Heritage Society has posted comments below which question the City's history of the park. Please see Matt's comments below for more details.[/box]

Juanita Beach Park began in the early 1900's as a popular, privately-owned destination beach resort for Seattle-area families. It was purchased as a regional park by King County in 1956. The Park continued to be a popular attraction for swimming, sunbathing, picnicking, and sports activities well into the early 1990's, when the County's lack of resources for on-going maintenance and park improvements led to the Park's decline. In 2002 the City of Kirkland agreed to assume ownership, and a voter- approved maintenance levy dedicated new funds for improved park stewardship.

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