Congratulations to these LWSD students for their achievements in music; WAS

Seven students accepted into Washington Aerospace Scholars Program

Seven high school juniors from around the district were accepted into the fifth year of the Washington Aerospace Scholars (WAS) program, a distance learning program with a NASA-designed curriculum covering the history of space exploration, the space shuttle, the International Space Station, the moon, and Mars. They are among the 287 talented juniors from across the state accepted into the program.

The following students were accepted:

  • Eastlake High School: Anumita Bajpai and Mark Milloy
  • Juanita High School: Jessica Dunsmore
  • Lake Washington High School: Reily Blackner and Robert Krossa
  • Redmond High School: Benjamin Keller and Edward Zhang

From January through May, the scholars will complete ten lessons – submitting quizzes, math solutions, essays, and graphics concerning these topics every other week. Scholars will independently select a topic of interest for a final project combining an essay with a graphic. Based on their scores on the Phase One curriculum, up to 160 of the top performing scholars will be invited to an all-expense-paid Summer Residency at The Museum of Flight in Seattle.

Music students win big at Northlake Regional Solo & Ensemble Festival

On Saturday, February 12, students from each LWSD high school performed at The Northlake Regional Solo and Ensemble Festival held at Bothell High School. Below are the results by school.

The state contest (for winners in each category) is at Central Washington University in Ellensburg on April 29 and 30.

Eastlake High School

  • Alex Darling, Second Alternate, Baritone

International Community School

  • ICS Duet, First Alternate, Women’s Vocal-Small
  • Edward Cordell, First Alternate, Piano

Juanita High School

  • Rachel Richardson, Winner, Trombone
  • Gabrielle Hsu, First Alternate, Bassoon
  • Austin Chen, First Alternate, Soprano-Alto Saxophone
  • Euphoria, First Alternate, Brass-Large
  • Jamster, First Alternate, Percussion-Small
  • Ty Baird, Second Alternate, Tenor-Baritone Saxophone
  • Sam Schwabacher, Second Alternate, Snare Drum
  • Stella Perlic, Second Alternate, Mallets

Lake Washington High School:

  • LW Percussion Ensemble, Winner, Percussion-Large
  • Lake Washington Chamber Orchestra, Winner, Strings-Large
  • Brittany Plumb, Winner (1), Mezzo Soprano
  • Hana Holmes, Winner (2), Mezzo Soprano
  • Kimani Iba, Winner, Tenor
  • Lyrica Chamber Singers, Winner, Mixed Vocal-Large
  • Counterpoint, Winner, Mixed Vocal-Small
  • JayCee Gear, First Alternate (A), Soprano
  • Natasha Lindquist, First Alternate, Alto
  • Dallen Smith, First Alternate, Tenor
  • Women of Lyrica, First Alternate, Women’s Vocal-Large
  • The LW Four, First Alternate, Mixed Vocal-Small
  • Men Of Lyrica, First Alternate, Men’s Vocal-Large
  • JayCee Gear, Second Alternate (B), Mezzo Soprano
  • Matt Mihara, Second Alternate, Tenor
  • Aelish Wright, Second Alternate, Viola
  • LW Trout Ensemble, Second Alternate, Strings-Small
  • Two Men, Second Alternate, Men’s Vocal-Small

Redmond High School:

  • Alexander Ronneburg, Winner, Bassoon
  • Sierra Allen, Winner, Clarinet
  • Karl Ronneburg, Winner, Mallets
  • Andrew Pang, Winner, Viola
  • Albert Daschle, Winner, String Bass
  • 4 K Duet, Winner, Strings-Small
  • Lauren Park, Winner (1), Soprano
  • Sharon Li, First Alternate, Trumpet/Cornet
  • Karl Ronneburg, First Alternate, Timpani
  • Koyo Kim, First Alternate, Violin
  • Jennie Kim, First Alternate, Viola
  • Hailley Peterson, First Alternate (B), Soprano
  • Rachel Kim, Second Alternate, Cello
  • Minna Stelzner, Second Alternate, Soprano-Alto Saxophone
  • Lauren Park, Second Alternate (A), Mezzo Soprano