Letter | Why Are Bellevue Apartment Advertising Signs at Kirkland Parks?


I have been seeing these signs on Kirkland sidewalks lately. This one was adjacent to David E. Brink park. What is most concerning is that it appears we are allowing free advertising for Bellevue apartments and they are using the appeal of our parks to get their message out to the public. Is this legal? Do you know of any ordinances against these signs. I don’t mind seeing signs for Kirkland property and rentals (within reason) but Bellevue is another matter.

I will copy Kurt Triplett too in case he can answer my questions.


Michelle Sailor


[box]Hi Michelle. Thanks for sending this letter to Kirkland Views. I have contacted the City and I have some answers to your questions. Please see the following. - Rob[/box]

The City of Kirkland allows for A-board signs under certain circumstances.  Kirkland’s sign code does not prohibit a-board signs that advertise properties in other cities.  The particular sign identified by the reader did not meet the City’s sign code because it was illegally placed on a sidewalk and in a park.  A site inspection revealed the sign had been removed.  Feel free to direct readers directly to the City should they have code questions or wish to file a complaint.

City of Kirkland

[box]After receiving this response, I followed up with the Planning Department for some clarification:[/box]

The City of Kirkland classifies A-board signs as "Temporary Off-site Signs."

Temporary Off-site Signs may be placed:

  1. On private property with the property owner’s permission;
  2. On unpaved, non-landscaped, and/or unimproved public right-of-way areas where they will not impede or obstruct vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic, and/or create traffic obscuring hazards; and
  3. On landscaped strips between sidewalks and paved roads which are not adjacent to parks or other public property.

Temporary Off-site Signs may NOT be placed:

  1. In such a manner as to obstruct sight distance for vehicles;
  2. In the median strips of roads, traffic circles or in public landscaped areas, such as the lawn and planter areas adjacent to the City entryway signs;
  3. On sidewalk or paved roadway surfaces;
  4. In public parks;
  5. In fire lanes or within three feet of a fire hydrant; and
  6. Attached to utility poles, street furniture, utility vaults or street trees.

For further details, please  download the City's REQUIREMENTS FOR TEMPORARY OFF-SITE SIGNS