High winds down tree on Park Lane, 4 cars damaged, no injuries (Photos)

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Strong winds blew a large Norway Maple tree onto four parked cars on Kirkland's Park Lane at about 2:15 p.m. Saturday. No one was injured, however the tree caused damage to the cars and caused the police to closed Park Lane to traffic for over a couple of hours as Public Works used chain saws to remove the trunk and limbs from the road. Three of the four cars were unable to move for more than an hour until crews from the city cut the limbs with chainsaws.

In April 2010, the City of Kirkland began to repair the buckling sidewalk and prevent further damage along the north and south sides of Park Lane by installing innovative materials – Terrewalk and Silvacell - at locations along the corridor between Lake Street and Main Street. The buckling was caused by a lack of soil for the trees as they matured.

In April of 2010, Kirkland Views reported in an article titled, Landmark Tree on Kirkland's Park Lane to Removed for Safety Reasons, "When removing the existing, damaged sidewalk by the large Norway Maple tree located in front of the Jalisco Mexican Restaurant, the City’s contractor found that the tree’s roots cannot be trimmed without causing the tree to decline or fail. In consultation with the City’s Urban Forester, it has been determined that due to safety concerns – especially with the high risk for failure – that the Maple tree will be removed in the coming days."

In October, 2009, the city gave each tree on Park Lane a "grade" of A, B, C... to represent the health of each tree (see photos below of the grades given to nearby trees). We are seeking information from the city's Urban Forester on the condition or "grade" of the downed tree.

Thank you to an anonymous friend for the tip.