Artist Opening & Exhibit at Blaubak Gallery, Dec. 3 - 31

blaubak in December

Exhibit featuring original and newly completed works by local artists.

blaubak Gallery of Modern Art is excited to announce December's new artist series exhibit.

The gallery brings the community a first Friday, every month all previously unseen art show, open to the public from 6pm-10pm at 168 Lake St S Kirkland.

This series will run from December 3rd to December 31st.

This series will showcase new works of art from six local artists including:

Cooper Depner (acrylic on paint and mixed media) his works include subject based and non-subject abstract styles.  He has been recognized for a unique style in depicting Kirkland's night life.  Cooper uses art as an expression of his passion for life, which is particularly apparent in his political pieces.  Cooper has shown his artwork in Northwest galleries; as well as being commissioned for several private homes and eastside restaurants.

Johnny O'Brady (oil on canvas) ocean storms, the wind, waves, birds the sky and fish all play a part in his work.  Black and white films are strongly influenced and T.V. shows he watched as a kid.  His latest inspirations for this collection include exploring the emotional spaces between cause and effect during heightened situations.

Chris Arthur (large scale photo mosaic) use to live in a warehouse district and would document horizontal landscape and things people would look at everyday or not notice.  This series is called Urban.

Greg Boudreau (multi-layered stencil on reclaimed wood) creates multi-layered spray paint stencils on frames constructed of salvaged wood.  Working with original digital photographs, he processes them on a computer and prints the layers as architecture blue-print plots and then cuts the stencils by hand.  The stencils are then sprayed on frames constructed of salvaged shipping pallets and focus on portraying industrial and urban landscapes.

Anna Ondracek (impressionist painter) this collection of paintings is called Cummings.  It is a direct reflective response to her current period.  Her daily impalement of utilitarian musts; the coming out of the measurable doing universe into the immeasurable house of being.

Alexis Chavez (photography framed under matte plexiglass) her work has been previously exhibited at B.I.G. a gallery at the flat iron district in New York City.  These photographs allow her to incorporate her affinity for wildlife and photography.  This series is called Noah's Ark.  It is an effort to show the beauty that these majestic being exude and to let others feel what she feels when she works with these animals.

meg o'brien

chris arthur

kat cooper