CRIME ALERT - break-ins reported in neighborhood houses

The following letter was sent to us regarding crime in the Norkirk and Market Neighborhoods:

Thursday 3:03pm

ALERT: In the last hour there was a break-in on Tenth Avenue between 5th and 6th Street. Luckily one of our good East of Market moms was aware of suspicious activity, took down their license plate number and called the police. If you see something that gives you pause, call the police. Don't doubt yourself. They appreciate our observations. My husband's campaign manager (a former Deputy Sheriff) is yelling to me from the other room to remind you to lock your doors--not to live in fear--but just for practical reasons . . . he's happy now that I wrote that. FYI. I just got off the phone with Deputy Mayor Penny Sweet and she told me that they'd had a break-in a few doors down in the last week or so. Take care and BE AWARE. Our neighborhoods are obviously being cased.


PS. Please forward to any other neighbors, family and friends living in our community. I apologize if you receive this twice--hoping not to miss anyone.