Out of Nowhere - Daughter's tragedy results in changed law: driving with an unsecured load is a crime

Meet Robin Abel at the Kirkland Wednesday Market Marina Park October 13 from 2-7pm

Out of Nowhere, tells the story of Maria Federici's struggle to survive after an unsecured load smashed through the windshield of her car, hitting her in the face and nearly killing her as she drove on I-405. Maria endured more than six years of surgeries, face implants, metal plates, screws and prosthetic eyes. She lost her senses of eyesight and smell.

Abel wanted to tell the story of her daughter's tragedy, its aftermath, and the efforts to keep it from happening again, so she co-authored Out of Nowhere with Peggy Sturdivant.

Maria's life was forever changed because a careless person was hauling an unsecured load. Abel was determined to help prevent this from happening to anyone else. She succeeded in having the laws of the State of Washington changed and it is now a crime to haul an unsecured load.

Former King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng told her at the time, "I'll help you with legislation to make hauling an unsecured load a crime, but it's up to you to get the word out and educate people about the issue." As promised, Abel is out spreading the word. On Wednesday, October 13th you can meet Robin Abel at the Kirkland Wednesday Market at Marina Park.

Out of Nowhere is available for purchase online.

KOMONEWS.com ran this story at the book launch last June: