Lake Washington School District elementary parents get online access to student grades

Parents can track grades, attendance, through entire year

This year, parents of elementary school students in Lake Washington School District will have better access to more information on their student’s progress than ever before. As of today, parents can access an online grade book that shows assignment and test results, rather than having to wait for a report card to see how their student is doing.

“The more information parents have about how their student is doing, the more they can be involved in supporting their student’s learning,” noted Dr. Traci Pierce, deputy superintendent. “We know from research that students whose parents are involved in their children’s education do better in school. Parents who get more frequent and timely information on where their student is doing well and where they need help can better support their student’s learning.”

The online grade book is available through Parent Access, a web-based parent information tool where parents can also check student attendance, lunch account balance, and apply to be a volunteer at their student’s school. Parents of junior high and high school students have had access to a similar online grade book for two years. Elementary parents who do not yet have a Parent Access log-in should go to the For Parents section of the district website ( and click on “New User” in the Parent Access box on the right hand side of the page. Directions and a link to the registration page appear on the New User page.

Because parents will now have more information on their student’s progress throughout the year, the district will issue two report cards this year, down from three report cards in the past. The report card has also been revised, to align with the new Student Profile and to align with new state standards and new curricula in several different content areas, such as math and social studies.

“We know what students should know and be able to do on graduating from our school system,” noted

Dr. Chip Kimball, superintendent. “We’ve determined what students need to be doing at the elementary level so they are on track to get there.

Copies of the new report cards for each grade are posted on the district’s website, at, in the For Parents section, under Testing and Grades.