Kirkland Mayor and Assistant City Attorney threatened with 'arrest' by man charged with felonies

A 52 year-old man has been charged with of two felony counts of intimidating a public servant after sending an email threatening to "arrest" the mayor of Kirkland and an assistant city attorney as a result of having his car impounded following a traffic stop. In an email addressed to the Kirkland mayor titled, "THE MAYOR WILL BE ARRESTED, RCW 9A.16.020, hearing pending," David Russell Myrland advised her to "keep your front and back doors to your home UNLOCKED to better facilitate your lawful arrest." In part, the email reads (Myrland Complaint 20100812):


On Friday, September 3, 2010, I, David Russell; Myrland, will apply to a panel of Americans to offer evidence of felonious misconduct on your part which constitutes an ongoing threat to Public Safety, hoping to cause the issuance of a “WRIT OF PROBABLE CAUSE” to substantiate the arrest of your person under RCW 9A.16.020.

Under the issuance of said Writ, 50 or more concerned Citizens with knowledge of your crimes will enter your home and arrest you, to take you to competent authorities as provided by law. DO NOT RESIST as these Citizens will be heavily armed and will meet all resistance with necessary force, as provided by law."

The Writ of Probable Cause references the mayor as "a known felon." The last paragraph of the Writ reads:

"Over an $800.00 automobile, my Bible, my basketball, and documents your subordinates have chosen to steal from inside my glove box, you, have acquired felony status and will be arrested. You understand why such conduct is rightfully viewed as a threat to personal and Public safety by anyone learning of such domestic terrorism. your conduct of official matters threatens all who come near Kirkland, WA, and you will taken out of that position by any mean "necessary." (RCW 9A.16.020)."

The Seattle P-I reports that a King County judge has issued a summons ordering Myrland to appear before the court for arraignment. A restraining order has been issued forbidding contact with the mayor or the assistant city attorney.

On August 12, 2010, Myrland sent the City a Criminal Complaint (Myrland Complaint 20100812) in which he details his many complaints against the city and its employees and a claim for damages of $5,000,000.00. Page 17 of the complaint reads in part,

"Kirkland's refused for seven years to hold a hearing on a motion to vacate I filed Sept. 9, 2003 to hold over my head a pissy little misdemeanor, you have my driver's license suspended when you know the notice of traffic infraction hearing was sent to the wrong address, and I can still arrest any 2002 council members who remain for watching Kirkland's prosecutor and judges send me to jail for going to the emergency room while denying me counsel for weeks on end; your children were raised by greasy deviates, your parents are toilets. There isn't a front door among you that anyone in WA has to honor, as it relates to arresting you child molesters, yet you persist; your're criminally insane. Is this the point where I thank you for agreeing with me for agreeing with me that I can arrest any one of you?"

The Seattle P-I reports this story with these details:

Asserting that he has the right to arrest public employees, Myrland noted he "has never mentioned justifiable homicide in his dealings" with the city.

Myrland went on to claim that the city was attempting to force him into "an armed confrontation so they can kill him." He asked a King County judge to order the Kirkland police to turn in all of the firearms and ammunition owned by the city.

Contacted by a detective, Myrland reiterated his threat and expressed his concerns about police conduct during the traffic stop.

"He stated that the Kirkland Police Department illegally arrested and kidnapped him, stole his motor vehicle, disarmed him by taking his handgun, and allowed fines to be incurred against him in both tow impound fees and illegal traffic citations," Detective Joseph Indahl told the court.

"Myrland stated to me that he has every right to 'arrest' both the Mayor and Assistant City Attorney for 'felonies' that they have committed and he is going to carry out those arrests."

Myrland offered to not pursue those "arrests" if the city dropped the charges against him and paid his impound fees, the detective added.