Letter | Great vision of Kirkland - Will City Council listen to community input or work around it?

Dear Editor: I applaud Chuck Pilcher's prior commentary about Lake Washington Blvd: Kirkland's Future Depends on Our Crown Jewel and his overall beautiful vision of Kirkland. I believe that a very similar vision of Kirkland comparing it's character to Sausalito or Carmel was written by Chuck Morgan years ago. I urge all to read Chuck Pilcher's very positive guest commentary (July 18, 2010) and then consider that a group of neighbors was asked to serve on a advisory committee to have neighbors shape the vision of their neighborhood over the next 20 years (was going to be 6 meetings / 6 months and was more like 16 meetings / 9 months). One of the tasks was to review the plans for the S. Kirkland Park & Ride and the proposal for up to 500 homes on less than 7 acres. The Lakeview Neighbors researched this thoroughly and found some very significant concerns.

Now, upon hearing these concerns, the council is being asked to consider looking at the Park and Ride separate from Lakeview Neighborhood! This in order to move the project forward.

Does this suggestion mean .... when the opinion you receive is not what you wanted you change the game so you don't have to attend to the input?

I certainly hope that Tuesday night shows our Council Members are more respectful than resorting to a "work around." It would otherwise be the unanimous concerns of the neighbors of the advisory group that they'd be sidestepping.

Karen Levenson