Date Change for Grape Stomp due to late grape harvest

Due to cold and wet weather, there are no grapes available for the Grape Stomp for next week.  The date has been changed to OCTOBER 6TH, SAME TIME, SAME LOCATION.   This allows teams more time to sign up at The Grape Choice or at the Market Managers booth during the Wednesday Market.  


Event : Grape Stomp


Place:  Marine Park, Kirkland Wednesday Farmers Market

Time: 4 pm-7pm

2011 has brought a new twist on an exciting event for the Kirkland community and the Kirkland Wednesday Farmers Market, the Third annual Grape Stomp, sponsored by The Grape Choice.  The Stomp pits local team s of three against each other in the fight to stomp the most grapes and make the most juice.  All the training, the hours strategizing comes down to a team’s power of stomp for the all important Stomp Cup.  The cost for the stomp is $30.00 per team.  All proceeds go toward the Kirkland Wednesday Farmers Market.  You can sign up that The Grape Choice at 9 Lake Shore Plaza Kirkland, WA 98033-6110 or at the Market Managers booth.  

Since this year the KWFM is blessed with amazing food vendors, bring the family or friends down to the market to watch the Grape Stomp and eat dinner at the Market.  All our food vendors will be located next to the Grape Stomp Stage for everyone’s convenience.  Visit Veraci Pizza, Tandoozy, Los Agaves, Simply Mediterranean Crapes, Roasted Corn and Lumpia World.  If after some food you want a little wine, head on across the parking lot to The Grape Choice where you can partake of some great wines.  

The KWFM will still be open for business, so make sure you bring your shopping bags to stock up on amazing food.  We hope to see the Kirkland community to come out and support the Grape Stomp and the Kirkland Wednesday Market.