The SmackDown in Downtown - Let the Grape Stomping Begin (funny video)


Jeff Heinz, first-round draft pick for the Kirkland Views Grape Stomping Team, has created this humorous video meant to both awe and intimidate our competition in the 2010 Kirkland Grape Stomp to be held September 15th October 6th at Marina Park. Jeff's dedication to the so-called sport is commendable, or sad, depending on your perspective. We here at Kirkland Views are proud to stomp side by side with Jeff, our ace stomper.

We have laid down the gauntlet. We have drawn a line in the sand and we set the bar high. We even double dog dare you to compete against us.

With mixed metaphors aplenty and tongues firmly planted in cheeks, we invite you to attend the biggest spectator event of mid-September.... The SmackDown in Downtown... The 2010 Kirkland Grape Stomp! - Editor

The 3rd annual Grape Stomp is a free spectator sport. The competition will be held at Marina Park on September 15th October 6th from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Interested in competing in the Grape Stomp? Teams consist of 3 stompers who compete to squeeze the most juice from a barrel of grapes using only their feet. Judges will determine the team which stomped the most "juice" and the team with them most "style points" for best costumes. The winning team not only will have their team name engraved on a prestigious trophy, they will have bragging rights for the entire year. It is a fun event with laughs (and juice) all around. Entrance Fee for a team of three stompers: $30. Please visit the Kirkland Wednesday Market booth for details on Wednesdays, 2-7PM or contact for more information.

Jeff Heinz is a guest contributor for Kirkland Views and a local photographer. Find Jeff on Twitter or see more of his photography at Jeff's flickr site or at