Mansion Squatters claim 3 more Eastside homes

The Mansion Squatters have returned by claiming possession of 3 more homes in Kirkland and Bellevue. Several local news outlets have good coverage of this issue:

Danny Westneat of the Seattle Times has a column in today's paper on this issue in which he goes into depth on the Mansion Squatters.

"It's becoming exasperating," said Capt. Mike Ursino, of the Kirkland police. (Two of the new targeted properties are in Kirkland.) "McClung's thinking is that if he keeps trying, one day he's going to win and he'll miraculously have a million-dollar house.

"Meanwhile, everybody else goes out and works for what they've got." Ursino said "No trespassing" signs have been posted at the two Kirkland houses, "to give us a bit more of a hammer if anyone tries to move in." He said Lane still hasn't been charged with any crime for the June squatting, though the Kirkland city attorney may still do so.

The Seattle Times

The also covered story on Friday:

These latest cases first caught the attention of realtors, who found letters posted on three vacant properties in Kirkland and Bellevue earlier this week. The letters tell occupants "to surrender possession within three days of serving this notice" on August 17. Two of the properties are bank-owned; the third, listed at $2.1 million, is in foreclosure.

KOMOTV ran this story: