Guest Commentary | No Soliciting signs being ignored in the Highlands

A solicitor from a company called EcoFirst Pest Control ( has been bothering folks in the Highlands. He ignores "No Soliciting" signs, and has been acting very rudely.

EcoFirst Pest Control company does not have a City of Kirkland business license or solicitor license (they must have both). The police say to call 911 if a solicitor cannot provide proper company identification, including a city of Kirkland business license, or they act in a rude or aggressive manner. If you see solicitors from EcoFirst, please call 911 and say that there is an unlicensed solicitor who is acting rudely, and could they please send an officer to talk to the person. Be sure to note the solicitor's description, the address where you see them, and their direction of travel, if possible. Calling 911 gives  the city a record in case they get an application for a door-to-door business license from this company in the future. The police can also contact the supervisors directly and inform them of the complaint.

Door-to-door solicitation is allowed in Kirkland City limits with a valid City of Kirkland business license and solicitor permit. The City must be given dates and times of solicitation, company identification, and the names ofthe solicitors. To verify if a solicitor is licensed by the City, call the Licensing Division at (425) 587-3140.

"No soliciting" signs are a request which most honest door-to-door solicitors do respect and obey. Unfortunately "No Soliciting" signs cannot be enforced by the police department. The rule of thumb is that the public is allowed to go anywhere the mailman can go. In other words, walking to your front door is legal unless the person was previously convicted of trespassing on your property, or a court order is in place.